How to Tighten Vagina after Childbirth?

During normal delivery the baby passes through genital passage of mother, the baby's body and head are far bigger than the space available in the passage which stretches the muscles and fibrous tissues of the walls of passage. The tissues and muscles during delivery get stretched many times more than their normal size, delivery also scars and damage tissues of the walls. In some cases when baby's position is odd, doctors need to make surgical cuts in mother's genital passage to allow the baby to come out. All these measures are part of a normal delivery.

Due to excessive stretching, surgical cuts and stitches, the natural formation of genital passage gets disturbed completely, after delivery women's body is unable to bring back to its normal state. This excessive strain on tissues, muscles and veins of genital passage make the walls loose and dull, this looseness make passage wider and also less moist and dry. This situation causes problems like infections, sudden excessive white discharge, foul smell, severe itchiness and above all pleasure-less and painful lovemaking. If women know how to tighten vagina after childbirth the problem can be controlled easily and its side effects can be prevented.

How to Tighten Vagina after ChildbirthThe walls of female genital passage also contain mucous glands; these glands secrete fluids and maintain healthy PH balance in vagina to keep it free of infections and other harmful substances. During arousal these glands provide lubrication to allow smooth penetration and movement of male organ. Due to damaged tissues and over-stretched muscles the mucous glands also cannot perform very well, poor performance of glands leads to dryness and lack of lubrication on arousal. This makes penetration extremely painful process and cast cuts and wounds in the passage. Looseness in the passage due to damaged tissues and stretched muscles and lack of lubrication make entire lovemaking an irksome affair which is disappointing for both the partners. Knowledge about how to tighten vagina after childbirth is very useful to avoid such situations and gain even better health to enjoy life and lovemaking to the fullest.

Natural Way to Tighten Vagina after Childbirth

The big question is, how to tighten vagina after childbirth, safely and without performing troublesome exercises and undergoing risky surgeries. Herbs and herbal extracts have been used since ages to resolve some difficult situations occurring in life of men and women. These natural supplements are of immense benefits in treating looseness in female's genital passage too and enhance her health, hygiene and passion for lovemaking. Today it is very easy and convenient for any women to use these natural products as these are available in the form of Vg-3 tablets which have been designed specifically to tighten loose vagina after childbirth. Using these tablets is very easy, all a woman needs to do is to insert one tablet everyday or every alternate day an hour before lovemaking to gain tighter, healthier and supple genital passage which is free of infections and wounds and provide maximum pleasure to male and female both during intimate moments.

Vg-3 tablets contain highly effective and time-tested herbs like Dridranga, Majuphal, Dridbeej, Juhi, Gulaab and Suhaaga. These herbs initiate many good changes which negate ill-effects of childbirth and allow women to not only regain lost tightness and suppleness of genital passage but even better shape and size to enjoy love life to the fullest. If one needs to know the best way to how to tighten vagina after childbirth, use of Vg-3 tablets is the answer. Right from the day one these tablets improve flow of blood in female genital region. Higher blood flow provide better nourishment and oxygen to cells, by gaining optimum nutrition cells multiply at higher rate and strengthen muscles and tissues of genital passage.

Vagina Tightening after Childbirth

Strong muscles regain their original size and shed ill-effects of over-stretching during childbirth and provide tightness to the walls of passage. Healthier tissues provide smoothness and suppleness to the walls of genital passage and become thicker due to higher cell generation to make passage narrower. Vg-3 tablets improve secretion of mucous in genital passage and ensure optimum lubrication on arousal. This allows smooth penetration and pleasurable lovemaking each time. With tighter, narrower, smoother and suppler genital passage female provide immense pleasure to male partner and also enjoys lovemaking like never before. Ability to provide these benefits make Vg-3 tablets perfect answer to the question as how to tighten vagina after childbirth.

Vg-3 tablets also contain strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, these properties keep female genital passage free of infections, itchiness and allergies and also prevent sudden discharge of excessive fluids and foul smell. Vg-3 tablets due to herbal composition are safe and suitable for women of any age. Even elderly women who suffer with looseness in genital passage due to aging and menopause get immensely benefited by using these herbal tablets. One does not need any prescription before using these remedies as these are free of side effects and can be used by women of all ages.

Tighten Vagina after Childbirth


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