Leucorrhoea Treatment

Leucorrhoea TreatmentLeucorrhoea is quite common problem which happens to almost every woman once in her lifetime. Female's genital passage is very conducive ground for micro organisms to breed and proliferate. The reason being, this part is always moist and covered and also does not experience sweating. If any bacterial or fungal infection enters into it body tries to flush it out by secreting fluid in higher quantity to cause white discharge. Occasional occurrence of this is not a problem as it is normal defence mechanism of the body to protect this delicate part, but women who experience white discharge on regular basis are classified as having leucorrhoea. Not only infections, even injuries and cuts can also cause white discharge. Pregnant women suffer with this problem frequently during pregnancy and during recuperation period after delivery due to wear and tear of tissues and muscles. Women taking contraceptive measures like IUD can suffer with irritation and swelling around uterus which can also cause frequent white discharge through vagina. One needs to take proper and effective excessive vaginal discharge treatment to resolve the problem and to prevent its aggravation.

Couples using gels and creams to enhance pleasure of lovemaking can also irritate female's genital passage if those creams and gels contain harsh and allergy causing ingredient. Improper hygiene, soaps and washing powder are other reasons of frequent white discharge or leucorrhoea. Improper hygiene allows micro organisms to flourish which can enter into female genital passage and cause infections, women using soaps or washing powder with harsh chemicals can also suffer with leucorrhoea due to intrusion of these chemicals in genital passage. Apart from these STDs and malnutrition are other commonly found causes of leucorrhoea.

Excessive Vaginal Discharge Cure

Herbal leucorrhoea treatment can handle the problem occurring due to any reason and provide quick and safe cure. If problem of excessive white discharge is not treated properly and quickly it can cause lots of embarrassment and frustration to a woman. The whitish discharge after sometime becomes smelly which can cause embarrassment when in a company. Also regular discharge prevents lovemaking as women may feel severe pain during penetration due to swelling and softness in the skin of walls of genital passage. Proper vaginal discharge treatment can resolve the problem and bring back normalcy in a woman's life.

Aabab tablets are recommended as highly effective leucorrhoea treatment as these tablets possess powerful herbs which naturally and safely alleviate the problem in a short time. Aabab tablets contain Manjakini and Alum as main ingredients along with other herbs. These herbs and herbal extracts enhance blood flow in female genital region to enhance cell generation and nerve functions. Aabab tablets possess very effective anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties; these properties relieve swellings, heal wounds and flush infections out of the genital passage effectively. These benefits work as very useful excessive vaginal discharge treatments which improve hygiene, health and sensation of female genital region to cure the problem.

Herbal Treatment for Leucorrhoea

Aabab tablets work as complete leucorrhoea treatment as these improve functioning of mucous glands too which are present in female genital region, these glands help in maintaining healthy PH balance inside vagina to keep infectious agents from flourishing and also to flush harmful chemicals and substances out which sneak in through soap, washing powder and water. The ability to improve functioning of mucous glands helps immensely not only in curing leucorrhoea but also preventing it from occurring in future. Aabab tablets are herbal preparations and can be used without any prescription.

Combining Gynex capsules along with Aabab tablets can bring in even better results, these two herbal remedies together work as impregnable shield against leucorrhoea and work as highly effective excessive vaginal discharge treatment. Gynex capsules are herbal supplements which contain herbs used since ages to cure menstrual problems and leucorrhoea. The ingredient list of Gynex capsules has Ashoka, Lodhra, Ashwagandha, Nagkesar, Subhra Bhasm, Mochras and Godanti Hadtal Bhasm. These herbs together regularize menstrual cycle, prevent excessive bleeding and prevent pain and inflammation before menstrual cycle.

These capsules also prevent excessive white discharge which normally occurs in women suffering with irregular menstrual cycle or with periods accompanying pain and cramps. If a woman uses these two herbal products together she gain complete leucorrhoea treatment and life long protection from the problem. Gynex capsules are potent treatments for swelling in uterus, urinary tract infections, vaginal tract infections and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. This supplement has balanced properties to regularize menstrual cycles and to also work as excessive vaginal discharge treatment.

Aabab and Gynex capsules are completely free of side effects; woman of any age can take these treatments without any prescription. The results obtained from this leucorrhoea treatment are long lasting and if a woman leads a healthy lifestyle and maintains proper hygiene in her genital region then she can enjoy complete protection from the problem of white discharge throughout her life.

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